LIC Drum Studio 

Finally a studio for drummers


The mission of LIC Drum Studio is to serve the professional and amateur drummers of NYC with a reasonably priced, conveniently located, and professionally kept studio. A place where drummers can hone their skills, educate their students, and rehearse projects all while nurturing and promoting a sense of community and a network of drummers.

How it works?

LIC Drum Studio is an automated self-service studio

LIC Drum Studio was founded in 2010 as a modern solution to overpriced studios that under deliver. Using modern technology LIC Drum Studio aims to provide drummers with a self-service studio that is affordable, consistent, and most importantly; crafted specifically for the needs of drummers.

LIC Drum Studio operates with the following core values.

  • Respect: Respect for the equipment and time of all persons is paramount.
  • Cleanliness: A clean studio with well-kept gear lets the mind focus on what is really important, the music.
  • Community: Nurturing a community of drummers promotes education and the sharing of ideas and skills.
  • Networking: Promoting a network of professional capable drummers leads to more work for everyone.
  • Security: A safe environment for learning and a safe place to store your gear.
  • Self-Reliance: As a self-service studio, all are responsible for following basic guidelines for smooth operation.



LIC Drum Studio is located in Long Island City/Sunnyside, Queens, New York.

Close to train stops;

  • 33st-7 train (5-minute walk)
  • Queens Plaza-M, R, E trains (10-minute walk)
  • Street Parking and Free Parking lot are also available



  • The studio has two drum sets ready for use including a larger standard kit and a smaller jazz kit. 
  • Professional Zildjian and Bosphorus Cymbals. 
  • Sturdy DW pedals and hardware round out the kits. 
  • A variety of hand percussion is available for use. 

Band Gear

Gear for band rehearsal is also available: 

  • PA system for vocals, keyboards
  • 2 microphones for vocals
  • Upright Piano
  • Fender Blues Jr. 
  • Bass Amp


Personal Practice Rates*

  • Peak Rate-$10 per hour 
  • Off-Peak Rate-$8 per hour 
  • Late Night Rate-$6 per hour 

*rates based on repeating weekly hours

  • Weekday Peak Hours-4PM-10PM
  • Weekday Off-Peak Hours-8AM-4PM, 10PM-Midnight
  • Weekend Peak Hours-Noon-Midnight
  • Weekend Off-Peak Hours-8AM-Noon
  • Late Night is all other times


Teaching and Band Rates*

  • Peak Rate-$14 per hour 
  • Off-Peak Rate-$12 per hour 

*rates based on repeating weekly hours


Most clients take advantage of our lowest rates by locking in weekly practice time. Scheduling is automated allowing for a relaxed and flexible make up policy. 

Ad-Hoc booking is also available. Inquire if interested in AD-HOC booking. 

Contact us below to schedule a consultation.


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